Happy Handling

Happy Handling!

‘Everything you have ever wanted to learn about impulse control during the raising of your dog’

Does your dog is not listen to you immediately when you call him? Does he pull on the leash? Does he pay more attention to his surroundings than to you?

In my book ‘Happy Handling! Reward targeted training, suitable for any dog and owner’ (PDF & ePub) I offer numerous tips and practical exercises how you can make listening to you becomes fun for your dog. It is an effective training method that allows you to control the behavior of your dog through rewards and positive reinforcement.

Your dog will be taught in a positive way that listening to you is fun. Using this training method I consciously avoid using reprimands, corrections or an angry voice.

Page Count: 80
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I had the privilege of working with Jolein many years ago. I was struck by her gentle thoughtful training techniques that I’ve not seen to such a degree in any other trainer before or since. An absolute star trainer!

Eric Filler CBATi, Dip.
EASY NOW Dog Behaviour Services
New Romney, United Kingdom

Jolein is a very creative trainer and a true ambassador and anthusiast of dog-oriented force-free methods of work. She lives in the Netherlands where she runs a very succesful school 'Hondenschool de Laar', offering not only tremendously good courses for dog owners but also working as a true positive training hub in BeNeLux countries.

Last year Jolein has published an excellent book titled “Luisteren is Leuk!”, which translates to English as “Happy handling!” and is available in both Dutch and English (also as an e-book) via school’s website. I think the book is one of the best I have ever read, great for its care for dogs' wellbeing and oh, so easy to follow for even brand new owners.

Marta Kurpińska
Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, West London
Warsaw, Poland

Jolein is such a GREAT instructor! One of the best I've ever seen. She excels at the creative approach, combined with up-to-date knowledge and a whole truckload of experience. She is clear, guiding, but she always remains respectful to the client. She knows when to reward a student and when to guide them, and she always remains positive. I will certainly be using her services again in future and I will recommend her to other dog owners looking for a different approach to dog training as much as I can.

Monique Appels
De Hondernemer
Båtsfjord, Norway

Jolein is driven and capable. Stress-free training is one of the pillars of her training method. She has lots of knowledge and experience and it shows in her varied courses and in the way she manages to come up with custom approaches to behavioural difficulties.

Alexandra Wilkinson
Canine behaviour specialist
Ede, The Netherlands

The publication of ‘Happy Handling’ is a milestone in (Dutch) dog training. The methods are factually sound, ethically responsible, and practically focused. Every Dutch trainer in charge of putting together a dog school curriculum needs to have read it.

With its attempt at making a best-of-breed trainer out of every client, the book occasionally flirts with idealism. But hey, if you need a point of reference to build your curriculum, best you start too perfect than the other way round, right?

Jolein is a beacon for modern dog training in The Netherlands. Her fair, effective and rational methods reflect the gold practices of force-free training. De Laar has become a home away from home for evidence-based trainers from all over the world. In this book, Jolein shares her years of field experience and gargantuan knowledge with trainers and owners alike for generations of well-adjusted and polite dogs. I would love to see more books by Jolein van Weperen.

Laure-Anne Viselé
BSc, MSc, Head trainer at OhMyDog!, Canine behaviour therapist and blogger at Canis bonus
The Hague, The Netherlands
Noëlle Rizzato

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